Triplex ultrasound Munich
Venous diseases

In our clinic we apply examination methods that are painless, non-stressful, and allow accurate localization of the points of insufficiency (venous valve defects). This is of crucial importance for the later treatment. Various functional tests continue to supply us with information about whether and to what extent the elimination of varicose veins is possible and reasonable.

After a careful evaluation of the test results, an individual treatment plan is developed from all treatment options; the patient’s wishes are also considered. It is usually the case that such a treatment approach involves a combination of several methods.

Some diagnostic procedures
Triplex ultrasound

Triplex ultrasound Munich

The annular dichroic beam source can display vein patterns that are not visible to the naked eye. By the usage of special lighting, a targeted area can be illuminated shadow-free. The light penetrates with great clarity up to 6 mm deep into the skin, making small veins become clearly visible.