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Novel catheter of the company Venclose
mit einem von 2,5cm auf 10cm umschaltbarem Heizelement für eine schnellere, bessere und dauerhaftere Verschließung der kranken Venen.
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Adhesive techniques
are used to make varicose veins disappear gently and quickly. We were the forth centre in Germany that started using VenaSeal Closure in December 2012. The one year data shows an advanced destruction of the treated vein walls. The perfect treatment for the summer monts, instant effect and there is no need for compression.

The experience of a patient

"My schedule was full so I couldn't afford more than one or two days to be ill. Instead of the classic vein operation or thermal treatment I have chosen the the new Venaseal treatment of my varicose veins. It was a 20 minutes ambulatory intervention, I felt only a stitch on my lower leg and then after another 10 minutes the doctor said, you can stand up now. I stood and wow, whole my varicose veins where disappeared. Instantly. I was very impressed. Next day I went to work, as nothing happened. If needed I'll do this without hesitation again." DH